About GenerationOne

GenerationOne has one goal, to bring all Australians together to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in one generation – our generation.
This can be achieved through real opportunities in education, training, mentoring and employment we can achieve this goal.

Education – that prepares for life

Training – that is specific for a guaranteed job

Mentoring – that gets results

Employment – that lasts

GenerationOne is a movement for all Australians, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. It is non-partisan campaign that welcomes contributions that will help break the poverty traps, in our generation.

Through GenerationOne supporters can be as involved as they would like. For people who are already active in Indigenous education, training and employment there are opportunities to do more, and for those who have never participated in a campaign to play a simple role in achieving real change. GenerationOne collaborates and promotes other organisations that are doing good work in the fields of education, training, mentoring and employment.

GenerationOne now encompasses the Australian Employment Covenant (AEC) and the P Plate schools program.

The Australian Employment Covenant aimed to gain commitments of 50,000 jobs for Indigenous Australians and the P Plate schools program which links those AEC commitments with school students.