Dance like no one is watching

Art, music and dance are a part of me. It’s probably the thing I miss the most given the time commitments of my current role as GenerationOne CEO.

There is a timeless space of being that I find myself in when submerged in the depths of creation.

There is something so emotionally driven when someone falls in love with a painting, when you know that your art is going to bring life and colour to another being. That is a very real human experience.

There is something about opening your eyes on stage and seeing the tears well in the eyes of the listeners, you can almost feel your heart explode. Whether it’s the vibration from the didgeridoo, the gentle cry from flutes or the primal nature of the drums, music connects people. Every human has a rhythm through his or her own heartbeat.

The famous quote, ‘dance like no one is watching’ explains to me what is one of the most liberating and freeing feelings a person can ever experience. As humans we can all move and dance is movement. Dance can give us the ability to express emotions without speaking a word.

Given my love for the arts, it is with great excitement that I have recently accepted an offer to become the Chair of the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts (ACPA).

Performing was my ticket to the world. I have performed in some of the most prestigious arenas across the globe and met some incredible people.

This opportunity with ACPA allows me to step into a role with a great passion for success and a hope that we can marry the worlds of cultural performance and economic independence through business and employment.

The role allows me to support and offer guidance to students along with the school's overall direction and engagement with business and community across Australia.

The performing arts platform is a part of the DNA of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and there is no reason that this DNA – art, music and dance – cannot be fused with business entrepreneurialism leading to employment.

Australia places Aboriginal and Torres Islanders on a platform for the world see through music, art and dance. It is now time for us to place ourselves on to world stages to showcase our many successes.

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