GenerationOne VTEC community engagement feedback

GenerationOne VTEC Community engagement feedback 

GenerationOne’s current focus is centered around ensuring that we meet the commitment made by the Abbott led government to place up to 5,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into fulltime employment using the GenerationOne VTEC (Vocational Training and Employment Centre) model.

VTECs are driven by the commitment of GenerationOne’s 348 Australian Employment Covenant employment partners.  This model is designed to meet the needs of each employer by providing job specific training.

The model breaks free from the heartbreak of ‘training for trainings sake’, which saw many of us commit to a training process without receiving a job.

This model removes the incentives that had allowed some service providers to cash in on the disparity by offering empty promises of training certificates that did not lead to employment.

The payments for the VTEC providers are structured towards ensuring jobseekers remain in their new job for at least 26 weeks. The 26 week outcome ensures that the VTEC graduate is highly likely to remain in full-time employment for years to come.

There is a significant risk for the providers who elect to operate a VTEC, but the willingness to take the risk shines a light on providers that are in the business of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people enter the workforce and break free from the debilitating world of welfare. 

GenerationOne is totally focused on supporting our AEC employment partners turn their pledges into real jobs and supporting new VTEC providers achieve 26 week outcomes for their graduates.

What does this mean for you?

Well, for all our mob, it means that if you have found yourself locked out of the workforce, found yourself jumping through the hoops of hopelessness doing ticket after ticket, or felt the effects of dead end training, then VTEC is hope.

VTECs are designed to ensure that jobseekers are supported with all the necessary services that empower the most marginalised jobseekers find long-term meaningful employment. Most importantly, a VTEC provides a guaranteed job.

It will largely focus on mentoring, post placement support and a system that believes in individual success. To do this, VTECs will rely heavily on the engagement and support of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community around the country.

It is the energy of change our communities need but it will need the energy and change of our communities to succeed. 

I know that we all have different requirements and needs, so I am calling for your support and your guidance:

  • What would you like your VTEC to be able to provide?
  • How would you like to see GenerationOne support your community?
  • What would you like GenerationOne to be doing to support the advancement of our mob around the country?

This is about taking it back to the people and listening to your voice. Like old ways, the only way forward is to listen to your voices.

I joined this cause because I am dedicated to changing the system that has shattered our self worth, self esteem and self belief.

GenerationOne’s VTEC model is a movement of change designed to support our communities and families. It is critical that we hear from you to ensure we meet the needs of your communities.

Please email your feedback to:

Jeremy Donovan
National Development Director

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