Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Some people are still fortunate enough be enjoying the fruits of the summer holidays while others return to work and attempt to lift the Christmas hangover.

Christmas is when I get to spend time with my family and generally attempt to do nothing.

When I refer to nothing, it’s probably better described as not leaving home, or at least travelling too far from it. Certainly, I was never lost for things to do: plenty of lawn to mow, plenty of food to serve and plenty of loose ends to tie, which are otherwise neglected during my absences throughout the year.

We have just moved house and the family are still settling in, however moving into a house with a swimming pool appears to be the best gift I could have given my children for Christmas.

The Western Sydney summers are as brutal as the winters. It’s either really hot or really cold. There is no sea breeze to roll in during the afternoon.

City life – I learnt some years ago – is not for me. With the frantic pace of work and commitments, I like to be able to escape the crowds and the noise. Being able to shut down the computer, although, is far easier than shutting down a mind that continues to tick over. Processing thoughts on how I could better serve the team or how we as an organisation can continue to drive closer to achieving the outcomes of creating parity through Indigenous employment.

My eldest son is about to leave home to start life at boarding school, so I am attempting to spend as much time with him as possible to ensure he feels supported in this experience.

It’s really critical that the other three children are part of this journey too, they are about to lose their big brother and this is an adjustments in their life.

Excited by the challenges and changes that 2015 will present, I am still mindful of my blog from early December. I have to be able to balance family, work and personal passions to create the best and most successful 2015.

I look forward to facing the challenges and celebrating the successes. What are you looking forward to this year?

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