No Cash November Update

The halfway mark has just passed since the beginning of No Cash November and there have been an equal share of ups and downs.

There have been moments where the frustrations have challenged me.

Just the little things like buying a banana from the fruit cart located on Market Street in Sydney’s CBD. The small two dollar rides for the kids at the shopping centre. Coin operated trolleys at your local supermarket. The luggage trolley at Canberra airport accepted coins only. It’s those tiny inconveniences that can challenge the flow of any day.

Really, the biggest issues that I have faced have been around vendors with minimum spend and the additional fees for usage of cards.

After 17 days I now know where I can and can’t go. I know what works and what doesn’t. 

I also now know no difference, I have become so used to only having the card. My older children have already become accustomed to card only lifestyle.

While I haven’t left the metropolitan areas, I appreciate the relative ease of just finding another shop if someone was cash only in a city.

The public school my kids attend couldn’t offer a credit system so the two dollars a day I used to give them for the canteen has had to stop. This isn’t the end of the world.

While I still believe this is where our society is moving to, there will have to be some changes to further support this system.

We would have to a have a system that is fee free and vendors that don’t have a minimum spend limits.

Technology would need to continue to advance in supporting this societal change. The recommendation of the Healthy Welfare Card has been made to support society’s most vulnerable.

It could only be implemented if it was going to demonstrate the benefit it would and could bring into the lives of those it reached.

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